David Jimenez
Red Earth Casino Red Earth Casino
Salton City, California
"David Jimenez"
Whell im allredy just to be loosing money i guess, ill be trhuthfully the community is allsom the staff is working allwais to make us have a great time. What kills it is the odds at slots i just to bet max every spin and bonus will apear right away. But it just didnt give out paying lanes. And overall spins youll end up upset with the cashout boucher just by seen the low amount of credits or cash value and i happend to realise that the casino isint the problem nor the events at the site. No this is the only responsable for making a hard and unpeacefull time when gambling. Me (my self) so i help my self by quiting all casinos and free my mind of all thoes worthless un real dead dreams....