Moises Schachtler
Casino du Lac-Leamy Casino du Lac-Leamy
Gatineau, Quebec
"Moises Schachtler"
Unsympathetic, unthoughtful, and unforgiving staff (for the most part). Security did not let me inside for smelling like marijuana, but apparently smelling like cigarettes is okay. Go figure. When I explained that to security they laughed and pointed out the door. With my money still on a poker table (going for a 24h marathon session) I tried a different entrance which at a casino with cameras everywhere wouldn't fool anyone. At the next entrance I had the displeasure to meet the worst manager I have met in my life. Benoit, the manager and french guy who will give you the "I will fire you" look if you don't laugh at his joke, showed how much of a brainless monkey he and most of his security are when he could not clearly, and logically explain why smelling like cigarettes is acceptable upon entry, but marijuana is not. "Yeah, but it's a different smell" won't cut it Benoit, quit your job red faced and bully. I tried conversing with Benoit, but his high nose prevented him from properly addressing the situation. Benoit was not just carelessly demanding, but as rude as calling me a "prick" after taking out my phone while he took notes about me. I took a selfie with Benoit in the background after he called me a prick just to remember. I was compliant to give my ID and whatever, but forcing me out of the building without my money was beyond rude. You need better customer service. I hope Benoit gets better. On a positive note, the ladies behind the desk in the poker room are friendly and professional. The pit bosses could try being less intimidating and more neutral. Finally the dealers should not expect tips as often as they since most people are losing. An older dealer who has seen me play for a while basically indicated to other players with her body language how they should play against me when I was in a pot because I had not tipped her, ruining the game for me that night. On the other end of the spectrum is Antonious, the fastest and most professional dealer there, he should be promoted to Benoit's position. Other dealers and managers could learn a lot from his above neutral demeanor. Best regards, Moïse

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