Bonnie Musser
Aliante Casino Hotel Aliante Casino Hotel
North Las Vegas, Nevada
"Bonnie Musser"
Nice smaller casino but.... Machines are so tight, it's hard to enjoy. Unfortunately many casinos are the same. If they can't even give a 4 of a kind or better once in a while, I will have to find a new hobby. Not my first rodeo, been in and around Vegas for 25 years. Don't care for the "new" attitude. I don't drink alcohol so I'm not going to get obnoxious but service is so sparse it was 40 minutes before we saw a cocktail waitress. That was a $120 bottle of water. I find it greedy and for the money we dump in these places I don't think it's too much to expect efficient, friendly service. No appreciation for the customer. Bye Felicia!