Jeff Dooley
Casino RI Casino RI
"Jeff Dooley"
Me and my friends arrived at 9pm June 20th, no security at the door, walked through the casino and saw no security whatsoever. We found a couple machines we wanted to play and sat down. Minutes later here comes a dirty filthy woman wearing only flip flops, a dirty t-shirt that just about covered her top and a dirty pair of shorts, that were not buttoned. I noticed that she put in a 95 cent ticket. She started banging the hell out of the machine, so we had to move. On the way into the casino I read the sign at the door. PROPER DRESS REQUIRED AND NO BEVERAGES ALLOWED. After seeing this woman i noticed how many people had flip flops on, and dressed like homeless people. APPARENTLY this is proper dress to twin river. During our stay i saw several people walking through the door with cups in hand and nobody stopped them.At no given time in the hours that we stayed