Jean Pickerign
St. Croix Casino Turtle Lake St. Croix Casino Turtle Lake
Turtle Lake, Wisconsin
"Jean Pickerign"
I go to Turtle Lake at least once a week because I love to gamble, but I get so upset because of the smoke. It never fails, but every time I'm at a machine a person sits down next to me and lights up a cigarette. I get so frustrated because I'm very sensitive to the smoke, and am concerned about my health. Recently I went on a Saturday night and the smoke was so bad that I had to hold my jacket to my nose so that I could breath. One of the workers noticed that I had a problem with the smoke and asked me if I wanted a mask. I told her that I would appreciate one. She came back about a half hour later and said that the casino wouldn't let me have one. They could only let the workers have one. For the money that I spend in that place, I found that to be very offensive. The person that wrote about the workers being very rude, I agree 100%. I just hope for the sake of all the older people like me that they will do away with smoking like they did at one of the Ho Chunk casinos in Wisconsin!