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Jun 24 '17 at 21:48

Patrice Jimenez

Patrice Jimenez
Shower was backed up/wouldn't drain had dirty water in it after we'd called front desk about the toilet not working. Staff didn't let us know the plumbing was shot in the whole place apparently and that they had a professional trying to fix it for the last several hours, didn't find out until we got back to our room and had to call again and finally got details about it at 10pm that we wouldn't have a toilet or shower for who knew how long. But they'd call us...and offer 50% off. Checked out immediately requesting full refund and went to the a hotel we could actually use the restroom in. Also, there wasn't a difference between the deluxe and premium room...paid more for it to come with mini fridge/ coffee bar. It didn't they just bring it up if you request it. Don't be fooled, they are the same. Unless they put me in a deluxe room and just charged me premium price. Who knows. Lesson learned, if you want a decent hotel, go to a hotel only. Not a casino hotel.