Joel Rios
Big Dog Cafe & Casino Big Dog Cafe & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Joel Rios"
Today while driving around after I was finished getting my bi-monthly haircut, my fiancee and I were looking for a place to eat some lunch. We decided to go somewhere where we haven't tried yet and stumbled upon this pretty cool looking restaurant "Big Dog's Brewing Company". Now, I noticed the empty outside seating area first and saw that they had several events scheduled for weeknights and weekends. Between open mic and geeks who drink night, it seemed like a pretty cool place already supporting more outings and kids were always welcomed. Once we stopped in, we liked that they had that fun and interesting restaurant decor that helped me feel at home. I quickly noticed the classic arcades as well as the bar area opposite from the dining area for different types of atmosphere or groups of people. We were greeted and seated by a friendly hostess and quickly noticed the awesome looking cow pattern booths and the sturdy tables. Not one seat looked like it had gone through rips or massive wear and tear and it was comfortable and open enough to not feel at all cramped. Being use to booth tables, I always felt like most were too tight, but this one was very well spaced and room to move around even after the meal we had. Onto the menu. It had several selections but being a fan of menu's with actual pictures in it of the plates left me questioning my choices like "What are the portions like?" or "Is it something that I think looks delicious". It's not a negative thing, just more or less my preference when it comes to menus. Still, we were greeted by a lovely waitress, Chelsea, with a genuine smile and amazing service. Me being one to always drink a lot of unsweetened ice tea due to my diabetes, I kindly asked if I could have a pitcher and apologized in advance to make sure she knew I just drink ice tea more than the usual customer not that her service was lacking at all. She kindly told me that that was quiet alright and brought the pitcher quickly. For our first choice in the appetizer section, there was the "7 Layer Taco Quesadillas" which Toni, my fiancee, had pointed out might just get this as her entire meal. Little did we know the plate itself was far larger than any appetizer we had encountered and was either more meant to be an entire meal replacement or also perfect for a group of 3 or more people. The picture speaks for itself and she loved every bite of the 2 out of 4 slices she did have. The rest, went home to be gobbled up by the kids and that they did. Again, had we known the portion was going to be that big, we're glad she only ordered that. This might be by design by the Big Dog's staff as it's definitely a group seating establishment with almost every table having 4 or more seats. I chose something that I though would be one of their most home style dish. I chose "Grandma's Pot Roast" and boy was it delicious. The meat fell apart trying to pick it up with my fork, the gravy was delicious and had the authentic pot roast taste and smell that filled the room. Carrots, celery and other veggies all bathed in the gravy on top of a generous portion of some of the best mashed potatoes I've tasted in Las Vegas. Normally, in any other restaurants, I would have asked for something in addition to my meal to try, but this dish didn't need anything added to it, it just melted from the fork to my mouth and I thanked it for every bite. At the end, we were satisfied. Something a few restaurants leave you wanting more for good and bad reasons. But I admitted to Toni that not only was that satisfying, I just might need to be rolled out of there to safely make it to the car in a good way. Even as I'm writing this review, one of the kids failed to eat the last quesadilla, So I'll leave this here for you to find out for yourself this awesome place. Note, I did not partake in their extensive selection of self-made beers, but I will be going back to try some one those outside porch nights to mingle with some of the crowd there. Big Dog's Brewing Company definitely left an great impression and deserves a proper review