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Jul 6 '17 at 2:35

Desiry Cisneros

Desiry Cisneros
I stay here a lot because my kids love "the castle". The kid friendly atmosphere is nice. However, this will be our last time. Many things need to be upgraded. Had many problems with my first room before I was relocated to a different room. The toilet from the room upstairs was leaking into our restroom, which was VERY unsanitary, then the power in our restroom turned off. So the water leakage got into the breaker and short circuited the bathroom electricity. Very dangerous and just gross having a toilet spill all over our restroom. How about if my kids stepped onto the water or touched it or even tried to turn on/off the lights. The maintenance guy even said he had to turn off the power to ten rooms because it is dangerous. I'm glad I didn't get electrocuted for touching the switch. On top of that the room smelt of cigarettes (non-smoking room). All this within 10 minutes from checking in. Front desk said I had to wait a couple of hours to see if they had another room available. After two hours (we went to eat brunch), walked back to the room and seen a maintenance worker exit my room and I stopped him to ask if he was in my room. He said yes and told us not to turn on the fan from the restroom. I went into the room and he didn't even leave a notice or anything to let us know not to touch the fan lighs. How about if I didn't see him leave my room and we touched the fan switch? I then went to talk to a manager and he changed my room. It was a same room but without the smell and hassle. I think I deserved a way better compensation but I was done with all the hassle already and didn't want to argue. He even told me he would call me within 10 minutes to see how was everything and he didn't. So much for caring about you customers Excalibur. Also, many machines for the kids in the arcade were out of service.