Gerald Hanggi
Running Aces Harness Park
Columbus, Minnesota
"Gerald Hanggi"
Overall my family had a fun day at the track watching the horses. The Running Aces horse races are a lot of fun for everyone. We started out though with a poor dining experience in the bar area. We should have made dinning room reservations in advance because we have had good meals in years past in the dinning room but this year we could not get into the main dinning room. So this time we tried eating in the bar area. We have also had better experiences at Lucky's outside in years past. All of the servers were working hard running around serving their tables but the service was slow and the food was not the quality we were expecting. The pot roast was fatty, the tacos had little meat and flavor, the Buffalo Chicken salad and pizza also tasted like frozen dishes warmed up in the microwave. I recommend reserving a table outside near the building in advance of your arrival, luckily we were able to get one using the stand by list. It worked very well for our party of 9.