Monica B
Cafe Arizona Cafe Arizona
Federal Way, Washington
"Monica B"
So I have been to this Mesa location several times for the past 2 years or so. Since I have been going, they have never had any fish in their fish tanks. It's just empty tanks with bubbles. You would think that in all this time they would get new fish. I think they can't afford it. The food was always decent, the service was decent, and the prices were decent. I have never been fond of their alcoholic drinks. I don't think they taste that great. I went there again yesterday. The last time was probably 2 or 3 months ago. They totally changed their menu. I was so upset and disappointed. Their new menu sucks! They now have less items, nothing really from their previous menu (everything I liked is gone), and on top of that it is now pricier. They even raised their prices on the kids menu. Honestly you guys lost a customer. For the current selection, and prices.... I would rather go to a nicer restaurant and have a better experience. I think your new menu will put you guys out of business. When a restaurant changes their menu it is usually an improvement. This time it's the opposite.