Logan Jackson
MGM National Harbor MGM National Harbor
Oxon Hill, Maryland
"Logan Jackson"
Not up to par with their Vegas counterparts. Not offered free drinks when gambling. Table games are expensive buy ins ($25-$50 black jack). Rooms are too expensive compared to Vegas. I feel like this is more of a tourist attraction than an actual casino. Lower you in on table games and you won't have so many empty tables, even on the fourth of July. Minimum bets should not be so high. Parking is a nightmare. Their parking notifications don't work yet so don't follow them. One part of the garage smelled like marijuana. A local officer noted this casinos close proximity to the "projects" as he described it and noted several shootings that have occurred within extremely close proximity to the casino, including one death of an innocent man who was gambling at the casino. Why you would put a casino in a dangerous area is beyond my understanding.