Susie Stuckey
Agate Pull Tabs Agate Pull Tabs
Sand Point, Alaska
"Susie Stuckey"
The service at the front desk was not as efficient as expected. Besides a long wait, the service was uncomfortable at best. A couple of the employees, although friendly to guests, were short and condescending to subordinates. At one point, one of the employees rolled her eyes and mumbled an insult under her breath, as the other employee walked away. The rooms were comfortable and spacious, although lacked sleeping pillows. Additionally, the furniture in the room was functional but, extremely worn, and frankly looked terribly unkempt. It was quiet, clean, and the view was beautiful. Access to the beach was easy to find; however, there are quite a few stairs (somewhere close to 90) and at the bottom, the ground was unstable due to sitting water and wood debris.