Martin Willmann
Tuscany Suites and Casino Tuscany Suites and Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Martin Willmann"
Wow that was surprising. We booked this hotel only cause it was a hosting hotel for a convention we attended. But this hotel surprised us in so many ways! - First of all it has great rooms. Not the newest and modern, but great in Size (besides the fridge, they are small) ans with everything you need - the location is just perfect out of the way from the strip but close enough to get there in time - above all that is it a hotel that don't press you into its casino area - so it is a perfect location for meetings or conventions, or just private rewind. the casino is easy to access, but most of the time you don't have to. Not when you check in, not when you have dinner. such a great layout! Great job guys! - if there would be any what i have to criticizes it is the pool size, its rather small / even when they have a dedicated lab pool as an extra. Overall a fair prized hotel and a big surprising deal. If the prices are reasonable you should stay here for your stop in Las Vegas!