David Maihofer
Indigo Sky Casino Indigo Sky Casino
Wyandotte, Oklahoma
"David Maihofer"
The Casino offers fair gaming with s good variety of gambling. Bingo hall is why my wife Linda enjoys so we play and it's fair as well, the bingo runners are very good and make bingo enjoyable by their great service, they need a raise. Ok the testing in gambling and the Casino is more like 3.5 stars. The "PITFALL" is the buffet. We try to go when it's prime rib night as years ago they did very well. The last 3-4 times I was served sandwich meat cuts instead of spice of prime rib, even after explaining to the carver it is prime rib and it sandwich meat. Again the lady 3-4 times was a very lackluster $40 dinner, the salad bar looks like an after thought, sides and other offerings would be no better than fried chicken, forget the ham as it looked like Wal-Mart sandwich cuts. The problem again id the carving table, a piece of prime rib should be cut 1/2" to 3/4" on a buffet unless you do want thin cuts. The horseradish looked like it sat in the walk on refrigerator uncovered for weeks, dry and unrecognizable. When you walk up to the carving table customers understand they are not going to get exactly what they want, but if you want rare and it's on the table they should cut it to the thickness of a mans request. I suggest firing the fat rude carver they had last week and replace them with someone who will take care of paying customers...otherwise indigo sky will not be on my plate. Get it together and serve the food the way it is supposed to be served as your hurting the entire reputation of the casino because of one fat disgruntled carver.