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Royalton Punta Cana Resort & Casino Royalton Punta Cana Resort & Casino
Carretera Macao, Punta Cana
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Summary: The modern Pirates of the Caribbean: Service 2/5, Food 3/5, Room 3/5, Pool and facilities 3/5 Stayed there for destination wedding so not our usual choice, but having been in DR before and Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras and Belize, my spouse and I have some experience with resorts. Arrived to find that the third adult in our room was not recorded on their records and despite the confirmation from our travel agent in writing about the booking for three, they wanted to charge us full rate for our daughter in the room. They did this same thing to another in our wedding party too! So beware. They prevailed because we had no choice and they knew it. Our travel agent we have used for years says this is just one reason they don't recommend this place, and if not for the wedding, they advised us in advance that this is not a good place. Then nobody came to make up the pullout couch despite going to the front desk again and asking the one guy who speaks English. Around 1am had to find a cart with clean sheets to do it myself. Also when the father of bride got the hair dressing bill, they had increased the charge per person $50 despite their own email detailing the cost per person. They would not honor their own email because they said they could not authenticate who sent it! Between the email and rooms we in our party called it the Royalton Switch where they quote one price and then charge you something different, and see if you are paying attention. On checkout they couldn't get their credit card charger to work while our ride to the airport was waiting so they wanted US dollars to pay off the remaining incidental charges. Then they did not want to give a receipt because they couldn't get the computer to work. We demanded at least a signed handwritten receipt but I will be checking my credit card to make sure I am not charged again. I could give you names, but what is the point, the management probably rewards these people for extracting as much as possible by whatever means possible. We won't be going back. Service is poor because despite marketing to UK and US as their primary clientele, few speak English so communication misunderstandings are frequent. The food was OK but certainly not great. Don't get a room on the third floor facing west because the air conditioning can't keep up with the afternoon sun. West is the direction you are facing when standing at the lobby desk when checking in. Use the safe in the room because reports of theft possibly from other guests so pull your door shut because it needs to click loudly or it is not closed. WiFi is slow and works in some rooms, and I couldn't figure out which. Leave $5 (about 250 DP) daily for the cleaning staff, and they were great. Bring plenty of $1 dollar bills for the waiters because tipping definitely gets better service when they are not busy studying cleavage.