Ms.T's Home Cooking
The Casino at Jolly Beach Resort and Spa The Casino at Jolly Beach Resort and Spa
St John's, Antigua
"Ms.T's Home Cooking"
DO NOT VISIT THIS PLACE ! LONG BUT HONEST REVIEW VACATION DATE: 6/20-25/2017 Lets start with the ONE pro before I get to all of the cons – Employees Blondell (Concierge) , Server Jascian, Bartenders Neil & Robin, YOU ALL ARE AMAZING & AWESOME PEOPLE, MAY YOU CONTINUE TO PROIVDE EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE… Now, let’s get to the cons…I don’t know where to start: (no particular order) 1- Plumbing/Electricity; There needs to be a daily maintenance check of all mechanical & plumbing issues in every room!! Had to change rooms the first day due to a leak in the bathroom ceiling & the ceiling fan did not work, also, make sure all of your rooms are cool with air condition upon guest arrival, room was hot when we checked in 2 – STAFF – RACISM IS ALIVE & WELL KNOWN AMONG 99% OF YOUR FEMALE EMPLOYEES, SPECIFICALLY TOWARD WHITE WOMEN & INTERRACIAL COUPLES!! REALITY CHECK – YOU WORK IN THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY, YOU CHOSE A JOB TO PLEASE YOUR GUESTS/VISITORS, NO MATTER WHAT THEIR RACE MAY BE, IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, QUIT! SIMPLE AS THAT. 3 – FOOD/ENTERTAINMENT – I suggest a more Caribbean feel/atmosphere, & there is barely any food of island culture served, coming from America I do not want to be served fries, burgers, & hot dogs on an island, the Hemisphere Restaurant needs to be decorated to project a more island feel. Entertainment – Its pretty much the same thing every night, reevaluate marketing & promotions perhaps with other resorts to cross promote events, bands, dance parties, djs, etc., & generate more ideas to entertain your guests otherwise people will get bored quickly… 4 – TOWELS/SHEETS – Please discard all of your towels & upgrade to softer plush towels, it feels like you are drying yourself off with sandpaper after a shower, I had to use my own beach towel (which I brought from home, thank God) because its much softer than your towels, SHEETS – way to itchy/grainy! Please switch to at least 600-800% Cotton or Soft Polyester, so people can sleep through the night without waking up to itching themselves every 5 minutes 5 – Finally CUSTOMER SERVICE – WHERE? THERE IS NONE!! Barely any of your employees smile say “HELLO”, “HOW ARE YOU?”, “MAY I HELP YOU?”, etc., everyone just looks at you like you owe them something, as stated in number 2 of this review, if you don’t like your job, QUIT!! Summary – We did not allow several RUDE employees both ON & OFF the resort to ruin our well-earned & deserved vacation. We are business owners ourselves & do not take well to ignorance; we still stood our ground to let it be known to management it will not be tolerated!! I also suggest your staff (with the exception of those mentioned in the pro section of this review) NEED TO TAKE A CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING COURSE TAUGHT BY BLONDELL & LEARN HOW TO RESPECT, TREAT & SERVE YOUR GUESTS OFF ALL RACES, GENDERS, & AGES!! UNTIL ALL OF THESE ARE MADE, I WOULD HIGHLY SUGGEST NOBODY TO STAY AT THIS RESORT, PLEASE TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE!!