Victoria Rose
Bucky's Casino and Prescott Resort Bucky's Casino and Prescott Resort
Prescott, Arizona
"Victoria Rose"
My best friend of 13 years got married this weekend at the resort. Though weddings are stressful enough, the staff made is much worse. Our rooms that were to be ready at 3 pm we did not get until 7 pm. There were no towels in one of our friends room. The day of the wedding the coordinator did not show up until 45 minutes before the ceremony. The wedding had to be set up by the family. Friends were on the patio sweeping. Her brother took it upon himself to start coordinating. Her mom missed important parts of the day because the people she was paying to take care of things were not doing their job. I was a bridesmaid and passed out from the heat and not once did someone from the hotel check on me besides the kind lady that did an incident report. The disrespect, unprofessionalism, and lack of caring was truly insulting. I would never recommend this establishment to get married in or to vacation at.