Powers rios
King's Ransom Casino King's Ransom Casino
Mooringsport, Louisiana
"Powers rios"
If anyone is looking for a great deal on hotels you can check it out on HotelRaven. com Booked a room on there and they had the best rates around... Some hotels overbook rooms and leave you hanging. The Palms has twice over the years run out of the type of room that I reserved and now twice given me a top quality much more expensive room for the same lower rate. The first time this happened, they traded my standard room for a suite at Palms Place. This time they traded me up to a Penthouse suite with breathtaking views of the city. The only downside is while the suite is spacious there aren't many modern luxuries included. There is however a very comfortable bed and my wife and I don't need to share a bathroom. We could entertain plenty of guests during our stay but have no friends in town this weekend. Overall, the Palms is far enough off the beaten path of the strip to give you a comfortable stay regardless of the circumstances and is my go-to resort for visits to Vegas.