Vanita Narayan
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"Vanita Narayan"
Worst hotel experience of my entire life...all 34 years of them. We had to change 4 rooms in one night and even the fourth one that we settled with was not great. Each time they put us in a different room, it was as if they were purposely downgrading us rather than trying to be accommodating of the inconveniences we faced. It started with a broken bathroom in room 1423 which flooded when someone showered. When we called Reception regarding the issue, they sent Maintenance up who had the nerve to tell us we need to use the shower, yeah, we know that. So he did nothing and said he'd send housekeeping to wipe the floor. Reception moved us right next door to room 1421 which had a broken showered head and super low pressure. On to room 1507, where our view went from overlooking Tahrir Square and the Nile to a huge, filthy rooftop. After one more call with the Manager, we end up in room 2721 which gave us close to the original view we started with but, in this room, it took 15 minutes for the water to start to heat up not to mention the chair that had no cushion so you fall into it when you sit down oh and don't mention the stains on it plus the white towel covered on one side in something red. When we originally checked in, we paid with debit so they said they would have to charge us the $100 deposit and that they would give it back to us in cash when we check out, we said fine. When it came time to check out they gave us the option to pay one night's meal that we had charged to our room from that $100 deposit and that they would give the remained back in USD cash which we agreed to only to be turned around and told that they can't pay us the remained in cash because they don't have shouldn't you check to see that you have something before you say you will provide it? Oh and don't use the cars they have waiting outside the hotel; they'll charge you some crazy amount of 200 Egyptian pounds where the same ride from Uber will cost you more like 40. Uber is super reliable and reasonable. The only thing this hotel is worth going to is the Sabaya restaurant and even then, only if their head waiter Moussa Mohamed Mahmoud is there. We had dinner their two nights, the first night the head waiter was there and he did an excellent job taking care of us, the second night he was not there and it took forever to get service. We chose this hotel to spend our last two nights in Egypt after a 3 week staying as we wanted to end our time somewhere that we were sure we would have a pleasant experience...we were so very wrong.