Yvette Connelly
Tropicana Evansville
Evansville, Indiana
"Yvette Connelly"
Went in on Saturday eve about 5:45pm... the greeters acted like it was their first day! Stood there for 5 minutes waiting for seat for 2 and a few mins went by then said we would have to wait longer for a clean table. We looked around & there were plenty of open tables avail. We just decided to sit in the bar with no wait. The bartender yelled at us across the room said the table we chose there was no service at? Wow we felt stupid! Got service a few mins later from another bartender and never cracked a smile at us. Got drinks which one mixed one was not good, too muchbice especially for the price! Got food order in but never got the usual bread & spread that usually give while the wait. Got food in timely manner. When eating never was asked if everything was alright until we pushed our plates to side and done! Got our check and paid and left with no thanks for coming in. We felt they didnt care if we were there or not!!! Overpriced and let down:(. Wont go back for while if ever:( We all work hard for our money! Left there like it was no big deal to spend $50 and your not appreciated:(