Nicholas Nutter
Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino
Coarsegold, California
"Nicholas Nutter"
BED BUGS! BED BUGS! BED BUGS! Blood on the sheets, unclean, with a Bed Bug infestation!!!! You have been warned!! I am never one to leave negative reviews for a business but when Bruce Loyd at the front desk refused any kind of compensation for my traumatic experience, I felt it necessary to try and warn future visitors. I have never been bitten by a bed bug in my life and all night I could feel something crawling on me in the sheets. I turned the flashlight on in my phone and tried to see them but was unsuccessful due to their shy nature to light. Once morning came I had bites all up and down my back that certainly were not there prior to our stay at the Bates motel, I mean Oakhurst Lodge. As we were leaving and had removed our luggage from the room, I gave the mattress and box spring a good shaking and sure enough began spotting the gross little things hopping around. (See the pictures attached for bites and bug pics) When we approached Mr Bruce Loyd with our honest descrepancy substantiated by PICTURE EVIDENCE of the bugs and PHYSICAL BITES ON MY SKIN, his excuse was "well sometimes these things happen when we get foreigners from other countries. They have a tendency of bringing bed bugs into the hotel....." WHAT?!?!?! THATS YOUR EXPLANATION BRUCE LOYD??? I could give a rats ass what the reasoning behind me being the entree for a family of bed bugs that night was, what are you going to do to fix the problem???! His response was let me talk to Nick when he gets in, aka the management team, and he will reach out to you. We left him our cell phone numbers and he never attempted to reach out. Don't stay here, I guarantee you this Bruce Loyd character went ahead and booked guests in our room right after we complained about the bed bugs. Wouldn't put it past these people. Btw the rates are a complete rip off, around 250 a night so find a better place. You won't regret it!