Circus Circus Hotel Casino - Las Vegas Circus Circus Hotel Casino - Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
I've been coming over and over to this place ever since I was very little. It is great for kids and rooms are good. Only reason why I'm not rating it 5 stars is that I actually came in to my room after it getting cleaned, I noticed something from behind the TV stand. It was actually a small pouch of weed. I don't know if it has been there for a while or if one of the cleaning ladies/men put it there. Another reason is that it's super crowded now and I literally have to shove people just to walk around. It always smells like weed and cigarettes which is something I try to avoid when going to the arcade. And now, I don't think its considered safe for younger kids, 13- because kids can tend to wander off or get lost. One last reason is that because older kids, around 17 act pretty goofy around a bunch of people passing by and I recently visited the place and got shoved. Not cool but just keep the young ones safe from them and you'll be fine. Don't take the review too seriously, I'm just rating it like this because from my experience with this place.