BD Jones
Lone Butte Casino Lone Butte Casino
Chandler, Arizona
"BD Jones"
Food prices way WAY up there compared to a year ago. Very cheap a** place, "jackpot hits" = 300 to 500 where they used to regularly be 1,000 to 6,000 or 7,000. Change in players club took more away from players. They try to fool you. . . " now you earn 1 point for 1.00 in play " what they leave out is it takes 5,000 points to get anything and used to take 500. The "Native Americans" sure have found a way to get back at the "White man" for "firewater". One's addicted to one thing, the other another . . . it's ALL EXPLOITATION . . . Why are there so many Native Americans still living in Poverty, while their tribes are racking in big bucks . . .