Brittany Phillips
Grand Palladium Palace Resort Spa & Casino Grand Palladium Palace Resort Spa & Casino
Punta Cana
"Brittany Phillips"
If I could give this resort zero stars I would. My friends and I recently stayed at this resort arriving July 14, 2017 through July 18, 2017. Upon arrival, we immediately noticed a profuse water leak coming from our Air conditioning unit. We immediately called gust services were we were told someone was on their way. After several hours, and phone calls later...we walked to the front desk to inquire about the repair of the leak. Once we returned from dinner, it was half fixed and still had a slight leak the remainder of our stay. We were never offered a new room or anything to make up for the mess of a leak we encountered. Everyday during our stay we encountered an issue that never got resolved, unless we took matters into our own hands and did it ourselves. Housekeeping never left The proper number of towels and washcloths , and failed to clean our tub on several occasions. The housekeeping manager had to end up cleaning our room herself after the number of calls they had received by us. Along with never refilling our mini bar even after we left a note in both Spanish and English of the things we needed. The majority of our trip was spent calling guest services and then waiting for hours for these issues to get addressed, even though they never were. Every time there was an issue with our room we had to physically walk to the front desk to get some form of assistance after having called hours prior to. A glass soda bottle broke in our room, and after calling guest services to send a housekeeper. We decided to ask a housekeeper that we saw in the hall if she could assist with the glass clean up. However, guest services NEVER sent for all they know we could have been dead from stepping on glass and bleeding to death. The final kicker was when we decided to sun bathe on our patio before our departure to the airport on July 18th. As we laid out on our ground level patio...the next thing you know, we are being doused with a liquid of some sort. Come to find out it was dirty bleach water from the housekeepers mop bucket. This housekeeper decided it would be a smart idea to dump her dirty bleach mop water over the balcony without looking. Of course we were furious, being drenched in bleach. Having it on our clothes, in our was horrible. When we asked the housekeeper for her name she covered her name tag and refused to give us her name. This resort was atrocious. I've stayed at the Grand Palladium in Jamaica and had an amazing experience. Which is why I decided to stay at this location, horrible idea. The customer service was non existent, and not to mention the shuttle service is very unprofessional depending on which part of the resort you're staying in. They have the Palace, Bavaro & Punta Cana suites all located around each other, but of course giving preferential treatment to this higher end suite guests. Very tacky, and if I'm paying a lot of money to stay somewhere I should not be made to feel like a peasant or low class due to where I'm staying on the resort. I would NEVER stay at this resort again. I had a horrible experience, and I wish I would have took heed to the reviews. Customer service trainings should be effective immediately for this resort...just a horrible experience all around.

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