Daniel Heinzelman
The Linq Hotel and Casino Las Vegas The Linq Hotel and Casino Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Daniel Heinzelman"
Our flight got in late, so we had to check-in late. Our non-smoking room that was booked months ahead ended up being given away to someone else, and so we were forced to take a smoking room, which reeked horribly. When we attempted to request if there was anything that could be done, we only got a stern repeated answer that customers who checked in earlier get first dibs. Our second room smelled vaguely of urine. There was no working vent fan in the bathroom -- in either the first or replacement room we got. The kiosks to check in/out did not work on either check-in or check out down for us. I can understand check-in since I believe most hotels turn off that ability after a certain time. But we attempted checking out early in the evening and nothing worked. We will most likely be looking at the Flamingo, as it was a more enjoyable experience overall.