K.A. Watts
Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower
Las Vegas, Nevada
"K.A. Watts"
I really think that the Stratosphere is one of the most down-to-earth hotels in Las Vegas. It has the most beautiful scenery. It was my wife's 40th birthday and we had an amazing time at the Top of the World restaurant. The scenery took her breath away. She was so full of awe she cannot even eat her dinner. She spent about 30 minutes bashing and taking in All that her eyes could see. All she could say was how beautiful the skyline was. It was like we were on our honeymoon! I scored big by taking her there she cannot stop talking about it even now that we are back home. I understand how she feels I was there and it was amazing to me also. It felt so good to see her so full of joy! Not only is the scenery beautiful the food is amazing as well. Pricey BUT delicious! Our room was good too. We had a view of the Strip! When we go back to Vegas we will go there again! Hopefully the Stratosphere will send us a package for us to come back for FREE for this great advertisement!

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