kimberly benally
Fiesta Casino - Holiday Inn Express
San Jose
"kimberly benally"
We booked a suite here on July 28, 2017 and it was on the third floor. We brought up all our bags, put it in the room and I began to check the beds for signs of bedbugs. I always check the beds, the head boards, the box spring and everything. So I pull off the sheets, the bedding, pull the seams back on the mattress then I start on the second bed and I pulled off the bedding and sheets and on top of the mattress in plain site. BEDBUGS!!! I was completely disgusted! I put it on their holiday inn post it pad and walked it down to the front desk and told him the room has bedbugs, I want a different room. He says oh ok, I can do that. He then says the room right next door is available I can put you in that room. I said no I don't want a room right next door, bedbugs travel and could be in that room also. He said ok I can put you on the second floor. We go up to the second floor and I begin to inspect the beds I pull the beds and box springs away from the wall and there's trash and food under the bed and behind the night stand. I didn't even bother checking the beds. I was completely grossed out and uncomfortable. I went back down to the front desk told him I'm completely disgusted and I don't want to stay here, I want a complete refund, I do not want any charges against my card. The maids obviously do not clean the rooms here because it's filthy and the beds have bedbugs. We have stayed here before and it was great that's why we returned and come to find out it has gotten bad here. Completely gross. We will never return again. I hope we did not bring bedbugs back to our home.