John Doe
Emerald Queen Hotel & Casino Emerald Queen Hotel & Casino
Fife, Washington
"John Doe"
Staff treats most people like unwelcome guests. Lots of pimps and prostitution. Hookers can be seen wondering around the casino stocking men who are alone. The buffet cooks act as if you are ruining their day by simply being there. Average guest "customer" looks like they just stole a car. Police always wondering the casino and parked out front as if something bad may happen soon, very old outdated music playing throughout the casino to a younger crowd of guests, vending machines are usually empty and dirty for all to view, cigarette smoke and stench is very overwhelming and after being there for approximately 30 minutes to an hour your eyes begin to burn. There is a non smoking section however I usually see someone smoking in the corner getting away with it. Staff follows you around to make sure your spending your cash before you can claim your comp making you feel very uncomfortable and untrusted. Overall very poor place to visit.