Allan Thomas
All Star Lanes & Casino
Silverdale, Washington
"Allan Thomas"
I went to the bar inside to grab a quick bite to eat. The first time was this blond woman that had tattoos all over her. She completely ignored me, she was chatting with an older couple talking about her kids. I had to wait almost 10 mins just to get acknowledged. I ordered a burger and she acted like it was a chore to take my order. The second time, a week later I went there (I thought that I would give them a second chance) it was an older dark haired woman bartender. She was more concerned about downing a shot and pouring herself a beer, and then flirting with an older aged man (the same age as her I imagine) then doing her job. Again she had an attitude and took forever to serve me when there was only a few old men sitting at the bar. She gave me the bad attitude and short remarks. I ordered a sandwich and it had some god awful seasoning on it. I herd her say "better luck next time". It goes without saying both of those rude women did not get tipped and I am a large tipper for good service. The ketup was old, the tv programs were all the same and there was awful music of their choice playing way too loud it drounded out the speaker of my cell phone. I will never EVER go back and have already told my buddies about this horrible place that they have moody man hating bartenders. They all took my advice. The next week we decided to try the Red Robin in Silverdale right down the road from this nasty place and it was awesome. Great FRESH burgers, FRESH condiments and served quickly and politely at a lower price than this low end, not going to last POS "bar and grill"!