J D Olague
The Downs Racetrack & Casino The Downs Racetrack & Casino
Albuquerque, New Mexico
"J D Olague"
Been going to this place for many years. Will not go back unless management makes some changes. Usually spend my Monday afternoons there. Hard to find slot machines that will let you down load your free play. Smokey atmosphere is horrible, no ventilation. I always start by having lunch, more often than not a bowl of soup. Since I don't drink soda I always get a courtesy cup for water. Been doing this since they moved from the grandstand. The last time I was there June 4th, I was told that they are no longer providing cups for water. Between this and the defective slot machines this was the last straw. I left a comment form at the players club with my contact information. I have not heard back from anyone regarding my concerns. Not surprised as I have asked to be contacted in the past, and was not. Apparently management does not care about guests concerns. The managers probably asked the marketing department "what kind of player is he", since I'm not a big player, my comment form was probably trashed. Terrible terrible guest services. This was 2 months ago. Still waiting to be contacted.

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