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Sand Point, Alaska
This is probably the worst place I have ever checked into. My husband and I came into town for our anniversary and were excited because from what I could see online it seemed to be a very nice property with spectacular views of the ocean. When we checked in and got to our room I was instantly horrified with the condition of the room. There was blue grime in the peep hole on the door, the carpet was coming apart from the door jam, dirt and trash all over the floor to the point I questioned taking my shoes off, the bed felt like it had less padding then a maxi pad and was lumpy and to top it off there was mold all over in the bath tub. It took us about 5 seconds to instantly regret our choice of staying here. The only good that came of it was we were able to get a refund and get a king suite at the Days Inn that was 1000% better for the same price and still had a beautiful view of the ocean. I want anyone looking to stay at the shilo to look elsewhere even if its a little more expensive because no one should stay in those conditions. I can only imagine what the rest of the place looks like!! You'll be wishing you hadn't booked a room there.