Andrew Gasworth
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Yakima, Washington
"Andrew Gasworth"
Since I'm giving them 3 stars, I feel that I need to justify it. The place was very crowded during my Friday to Sunday visit, so I'm sure many people had and have better experiences than I did. First, the staff... Most were OK, decent, good. Not great. We were ignored by the staff twice while they were chatting amongst themselves! Most of the the staff seemed to look under motivated. (Hence my 3 star rating). Our room was clean but somehow didn't feel clean. I can't explain it, it's just how I felt. The two sinks in the room were VERY slow to drain and made VERY loud gurgling noises when they did drain. That issue was quickly (mostly) "resolved" after I saw our housekeeper in the hall. She immediately called the handyman over to look at it. After it was "fixed", they drained "faster", but still made a lot of noise. Enough noise to wake someone up if they were trying to sleep. We would have asked to change rooms, but we decided to just live with it for the 2 night stay. The sinks and vanity were very open to the room; I really did not like the open bathroom, and with the noise, anyone using the bathroom would wake up their partner. The vanity offered very little privacy. (Hence my 3 star rating) There were other things like weak batteries in the TV remote and the rooms not being insulated well from hall noise. We could hear every conversation as people walked by and it woke us up several times. At one point, we needed new room keys, the front desk gave us keys that didn't work... twice... but fortunately our housekeeper came through again as she was nice enough to let us into our room. For me, it was simply a 3 star weekend. The show we wanted to see was canceled, I don't blame the hotel for that. The gaming area was OK; I did not like the robotic craps and roulette machines. I don't play the slots, I wanted to play Blackjack, but it simply didn't look inviting to me. This was my first visit to a casino where I didn't play Blackjack! I've stayed at nicer hotels and worse hotels. This one fell in the middle of my experiences... Hence my 3 star rating.