Anna B
Carnival Cruise Line - Splendor Carnival Cruise Line - Splendor
Long Beach, California
"Anna B"
I went on Carnival Mircacle. The cruise director, Adam, was really fun. He is a vetanarian, and he was in a lot of "shows". He also was really nice and gave me a high five whenever I saw him. Getting on the ship was really fast. You are able to take your car there and put your luggage in a cart for the people to bring. I wouldn't recommend these two because you may get your car stolen, broken into, spray painted, etc. And the luggage may not arrive until a day after (small chance but happened to many, including me). The Carnival application chat did not work for me . If you come with many people, the app is great for you! The chat costs $5 per person. (Unfinished)