Sanshan Sun
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Calgary, Alberta
"Sanshan Sun"
Review is for seafood buffet only: Price was rather high for the quality and selection of seafood. You are limited to 1.5 hours, which should be more than enough time for most people to eat their fill, even with the line ups. Seafood selection included crab claws, crab legs, lobster claws, big cocktail shrimps, stir fried clam and mussel. The crab and lobster entrees were all cooked from frozen so not the tastiest, but not horrible either. The buffet was quite busy. There was a long line outside of the restaurant as well as a long cue for the food. The servers were super busy running around clearing plates and refilling drinks, but tried their best to be attentive and friendly, so a thumbs up to them. The environment was good, free pop is included in the dinner price, and the dessert selection is always impressive (it even had a little diabetic station). All in all I think Wednesday's Asian buffet which has sushi and sashimi is a better deal at $28(?) than Thursday's seafood buffet at $39.