James Butcher
Stateline Casino Stateline Casino
Mesquite, Nevada
"James Butcher"
Not sure any more. Can't have any fun it seems like any where in Tahoe these days. From the homeless people to the campgrounds and from people making rudely comments that really are insulting. If they where true then it would not bother me. I have been doing Lake Tahoe for a week and then Reno for HAN for years now. Every time in the last couple of years it has been getting worst and worst. The bus system is dirty and dirty people along with it (MOST OF THEM). Way to many trouble makers from the Camp Richardson Bar and Grill right up the line. What ever happen to the people that just want to enjoy the views and Mountains with a beer. Yes the laid back people that don't take to conversation but do a lot of thinking. If you do get in to a conversation just watch yourself, that is if they come over to talk to you. You never know you might have trumped up police reports against you. To many judgemental people. I do want to thank the security guard at Harvey's for a couple of soccer guys was trying to say that I suck *&^$. No I don't suck *&^$. You might, I don't. Had one lady tried to follow me in the restroom one time a couple of years back. Would not have been bad if she was not 40 pounds over weight with only half of her teeth left (this was at Harveys) Car show is not there no more. Don't feel to bad Harvey's HAN is getting to be a hassle to. I will always go to Tahoe maybe just a different time of year. the sports book at Harvey's is clean non-smoking BIG BIG plus. .8-7-17 follow up...WAY WAY better then the last couple times I was there. Getting rid of the people that cause trouble. see ya next year. Cool place to meet GOOD PEOPLE and talk sports. Gains another star to 4 stars. John thanks for your 25 years of Naval service. Keep up the great staff. Won't let me change to 4 stars but is now...