Patrick St.Germaine
Sky Dancer Bingo Palace
Belcourt, North Dakota
"Patrick St.Germaine"
I called the hotel 6-7 times on a Thursday afternoon to make a reservation with no answer. The call went to a voicemail that apparently no one checks. How do you let your business phone ring for 1 minute 7 times in a row without being picked up to at least get put on hold? I called again around 9:30 pm and someone finally answered after 30 seconds with the following as a greeting "hotel". I reserved my room and had to ask what the total amount was. No useful information was given to me. On check in day i called to see if it was at all possible to check in early. I called 3 times around 11 am-12 pm on check in day before someone answered with the same greeting "hotel". I was told there is no early check in because the maids haven't came back with a report showing the rooms are cleaned. I said so you can't go find out what rooms are clean and let us go into one of those? They said no. I asked are you sure? She replied "yup". I hung up. There was no way that not a single room was ready before 3 pm. We go to the hotel to check in at 3 pm and there are three employees sitting or standing behind the hotel lobby front desk answering the phone immediately. We were nicely greeted and they were very helpful. We get to our room on the 4th floor and there is no hot water. I called the front desk and receive lots of apologies and that we'll get a new room immediately. An employee came up 30 seconds later with keys to a new room and helped carry things down the hall. This room had "warm" water, not quite hot, just warm. I've been to the casino many times and I've had fun and thought that its a nice place but the customer service is terrible. The hotel was looking to be the same way over the phone but they were helpful once i was physically at the hotel and in front of them. Customer service training for all the employees at this business would make a world of difference. It is really hit or miss right now it seems. Also, the rate was not worth what i had to go through between the calls, the customer service and moving rooms.