Paul Guillen
Golden Nugget Las Vegas Golden Nugget Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Paul Guillen"
I spent approximately $500 on slots here at the Golden Nugget before I walked over to the renovated bar with the new digital poker games and sat down to play. I was Immediately and politely asked by the first bartender if I intended to play or spend $20 before I could be served beer or cocktail since the casino decided to implement this new rule. I told him it was no problem. Apparently they installed stop and go lights behind the bar for each player. The casino put players on a timer and one cannot be served if their light us RED. I drank a bottle of beer in an appropriate amount of time and was refused another because the light was still red, even though I had so far inserted $60 into the machine. This incident happened at an evening shift change (7/20/17) with the new bartender displaying an indifferent and rude delivery, I got up and cashed out my remaining money and went across to the Fremont. I will not return to the Golden Nugget. The Nugget is making millions upon millions, and now they resort to this greed with extra sauce. My money says Bye Bye Golden Nugget!