Rosaleen Langley
Broome Turf Club Broome Turf Club
Broome, Western Australia
"Rosaleen Langley"
Big disappointment. We arrived in town and saw the signs for the Broome Cup Race Day and though hell ya! We love a good country race meet - just went to Katherine Cup Race Day where it was $15 a head, kids free and free bouncy castle and facepainting. So rearranged our plans, checked into a park and headed down. Arrived to find kids were $20 a head for the day - would have great if the website had mentioned this somewhere. We'd already booked the park so were committed. In we went after all if you're charging for kids you must have some epic entertainment for them right? Ahh no. Not a bouncy castle in site, instead understaffed bars, packed areas and weird rules about not sitting on the grass. After half an hour of googling I mananaged to find a mention in the members info section that they discouraged kids for Cup day. Next time how about that info goes on the details for cup day?? You get 2 stars, one for the brilliant guy singing for the entire afternoon and the second for the epic ladies of Broome (and some gents) who rocked it in the fashion stakes. Complete letdown Broome Turf Club.