John Strangis
Plainridge Park Casino Plainridge Park Casino
Plainville, Massachusetts
"John Strangis"
This casino needs to loosen up their machines!!. I played the Wheel of Fortune game and only got the spin one time after playing on $300!. $300? Even then it only stopped on $40! After playing again on a few more hundred dollars on two other machines I barely got another 2 or 3 spins which again stopped on only $30 and $35 dollars. Are you kidding me? Would it kill you to have it stop on at least $100 or $150 once and awhile? You want to get some play time on a machine before forking out more cash. How greedy can you be!? Forget about it stopping on $250, $400,$500 $750 or $2000. You would have a better chance of getting hit by lightning! And this isn't a one time thing either. This was my third time visiting this casino this year and it's been the same thing each time. I figured maybe things might be a little different the third time around, but no! Maybe this is why there weren't as many people there this time. All I can say is good luck when other casinos open in Mass. Either loosen up your machines or plan on closing!! I will never play here ever again!!