Gordon Reece
Legend Palace Hotel and Casino Legend Palace Hotel and Casino
, Macau
"Gordon Reece"
In a Vegas timeframe Caesars is a historical property and a must see on your trip to Las Vegas. The property continues to grow and is leading edge in entertainment and shopping. The casino itself is pretty dated and lacking. So moving on... The pool area is world class and honestly unique in it's level of guest services. Swim up blackjack, and live DJ are the surface that shows you that this is more than sunbathing and swimming in your choice of eight pools. Every need and comfort is available. We splurged for a cabana with two private pools. The servers where friendly and professional and the food was top quality. Those burgers are amazing. Fresh fruit with the Cabana was delicious. The whole experience left us feeling like we'd been treated to a day in Rome. ... With a live DJ. As with any casino resort. If you play, call and get a host before you book. Have them make your arrangements. Your stay will be much better.