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Aug 20 '17 at 15:49

Jason Butterworth

Jason Butterworth
I have stayed at the mirage many times and it had always been great. Last June my friends and I stayed at the mirage and our room was robbed. I had $300 stolen from my backpack and another friend had $300 stolen from his backpack as well. We called security and filed a report but they essentially blamed us saying no one else has keyed into the room but us. I personally watched the maid service key in, so that was certainly a lie. They also wouldn't speak to the 2 of us that got robbed since we were not the registered guest, our other friend bought and paid for the room. We also noticed that the door plate was unscrewed and the door didn't shut fully unless pulled. That information was ignored. There are also no cameras in the halls so no video. We go to Vegas a few times a year, and had been staying at the mirage the past few years but I think that is over. We will find a new place that has doors that shut properly, and they don't lie about entries and blame us for robbing ourselves. I have known these guys for 30+ years and know that could not have been.