Star Travis
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Fife, Washington
"Star Travis"
We used to enjoy going here, but lately security has really been overly aggressive and makes you feel like a criminal the moment you walk in the door. You can't even sit in the car or the lobby to wait for the rest of your group to finish their games after you ran out of money or when don't feel well (I don't drive and was waiting on my ride late at night). I had a small purse that is designed to be worn on like a backpack and got told by security it's not allowed, had no problems before the crackdown and it was no where near the size of a regular backpack. But they let others with backpacks and huge purses in with no qualms after my run in with them. I don't even go here anymore because I'm afraid of getting in trouble by the security over trivial things again. I have heard other patrons complain about the new procedures as well. If the security doesn't lighten up or try a more delicate approach for deal with the people whose business not only pays to keep the casino running but also their salaries, they may drive more business away.