Pete Vali
Cranbourne Racecourse
Cranbourne, Victoria
"Pete Vali"
After a few visits, still fails to satisfy. This is what happened last night: #1 The last person on our table to order, received their meal about 15-20 min before anyone else (probably got some other tables meal) #2 The Parma was made with tasty cheese, where's the mozzarella? #3 Our pizza was given to another table #4 expensive $24 for a pizza that wasn't even very nice, not even wood fired, the base tasted like it was a frozen one. #5 We had to continuously ask for our meals, we finally got our pizza meal probably 30+ min after the first meal and we ordered 15min before them. #6 The butter chicken curry dish was horrible, how can someone get that wrong, order a safe dish - NOT ! #7 One out of the three latte coffees did not look like a latte. #8 They serve the coffee in double wall glasses, bought coffee should never be served like this, specially if a person overheats the milk.. They offered a drink or a dessert for stuffing up our meals etc. Did not take the offer. All this in one night. Some other meals were ok, but very average.