Leah Romarine
Century Casino & Hotel Century Casino & Hotel
Central City, Colorado
"Leah Romarine"
The good; clean, beds were not horrible (comfy enough for a hotel bed), prime rib dinner for under $8 The bad; be prepared to wait forever to even get asked if you want a drink while gambling. We gambled from 7pm-12am Saturday AND 11am-1230pm without getting asked once. After dropping hundreds of dollars there it was very disappointing! The staff wasn't friendly. There was one lady that checked us in that was very, very nice & friendly. That's it. From people guarding the doors stoney non-friendly stares; no greeting, to waitstaff in the restaurant not clearing dishes after walking by 5 or 6 different times to dealers being condescending to people on the table for not playing hands the way the dealer tells them to; making people feel stupid if they lose.