Kristen Nix
The Palace Casino The Palace Casino
Ambergris Caye
"Kristen Nix"
Ahhh! The palace casino! I love this place! It's parking is the easiest. And the hallway to the casino floor is beautiful and placed looking over the long bridge into the area. It's one open floor so if your with other people you can find them much easier here than the rest of the casino is. The restrooms are the cleanest I've ever seen. The food is great. They have a new smoking lounge for smokers as this casinos gaming floor is non smoking which is nice so if you don't smoke you don't have someone beside you blowing it into your face while gaming. The servers are wonderful and prompt. The drinks never watered down or weak and seem to contain the right amounts of ingredients they specify. The rewards are also nice making it easy to get free play and half price off the buffets. The palace is a win/win experience!