scott davis
Horseshoe Casino & Hotel - Tunica Horseshoe Casino & Hotel - Tunica
Tunica Resorts, Mississippi
"scott davis"
Do not play here. I play here all the time, well as of tonight use to play here a lot. I live 2 1/2 hours from here. I came in to play some, and I did exactly what they wanted me to do. I drank, gambled (lost by the way) , and lost track of time. It was 1:30 , I had a free room. So I figured I would stay, (I do not bring my debit card with me) . That night I lost $400 in their casino, and because I didn't have my debit card I was forced to sleep in my car. Switch I explained to them, that I would be sleeping in my car because I did not feel safe driving. Their response and body language was oh well, that's policy. I know they can override the system, because they have done it before. Just feel like they don't have any concern about their player safety, or truly care about their players.