Tony Doe
Miccosukee Resort & Gaming Center
Miami, Florida
"Tony Doe"
I had it with this casino. I lose about $20K/year. They change the ticket redemption machine a while back and it no longer gives me my change. After losing hundreds of dollar each day at the slot machine, I have to wait in a long ass line to see the cashier for a few pennies. I am addicted gambler and play a certain machine, but they remove the machine because it is old. I like the slot where you push the button to stop the reel. The Indian physically tamper with the machine, so you can't stop the reel. They allow you to stop others slot, but they remotely stop you from the central computer. I lost over a thousand dollars and spent over 15 hours at the slot machine and then they remotely mess with the machine to prevent me stopping the reel. They did it to me countless time and I had enough of it. I use to be able to buy a cup of coffee after a month of cashing in my change. Now I get nothing. Then they have gypsy at the casino taking your change receipt from the ticket redemption machine or from the slot machine because you don't want it. The gypsy also spend the whole day at the casino and you have to constantly tell them to move so you can play the slot machine. The other addicted gamblers I see also like stopping the reel, but they left after the Idian tamper with their slot machine.

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