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Sep 13 '17 at 23:58

Vicki Wayne

Best Western Hickok House

Vicki Wayne
BEST WESTERN HICKOK HOUSE, DEADWOOD, SD I made a reservation for the hotel with the 800 reservation line for August 21. I told the reservationist I must have a ground floor as I am unable to climb stairs due to multiple sclerosis (MS). The reservationist indicated she could not guarantee but reached out to the hotel. After the call, I immediately reached out to the hotel. I spoke with Amanda. Once I explained that I have MS and unable to go up/down stairs, she was more than happy to accommodate my needs. She indicated she would move some folks around so I could have a ground floor. I also advised I would be arriving after 9 pm. My husband and I arrived at the hotel after 10 PM. Amanda checked us into room 112 and provided the key. We had not had anything to eat since all day, so we went into town to grab a bite before taking our things to our room. Upon return to room 112 we could not enter. Our key didn't work. My husband went to the front desk twice! The second time, the front desk clerk sent the maintenance person who tried the key. THAT'S WHEN THE CURTAIN MOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE FRONT DESK STAFF GAVE OUR ROOM AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only options offered was a ground floor SMOKING ROOM or 2nd floor room. First of all, SMOKING IS DISGUSTING! I do not smoke. I do not subject myself to smoke or people that smoke. There is no way I'd stay in a smoking room! Second of all, I CANNOT CLIMB STAIRS! Since neither of those were options for us, we chose to leave and seek another hotel room ... at midnight!!!! We had been awake since 4 AM Central time -- which included 4 hours airport/flying time and 12 hours of driving time. Saying we were TIRED would be an understatement. We finally secured a room at another hotel and got into bed at almost 1 AM spending over $150 for a poor quality room!!!! Best Western is our hotel of choice. We drove over an hour further than we needed to stay at Best Western Hickok House just because it's a Best Western property. The management does not seem to be concerned that their error was a huge inconvenience. I requested Best Western Reward Points equivalent to a 1 nights stay plus an additional 20,000 rewards points a "bonus" to compensate me for the error and inconvenience. They have not awarded the 20,000 points ... "I have spoke with my supervisor and I am not able to add anymore." In my opinion, an additional 20,000 rewards points is not too much to ask considering the error and huge inconvenience. The only reason they get a one star is because 0 stars isn't an option.