Naida dad
Towong Racecourse
Towong, Victoria
"Naida dad"
Do not lose your lift pass. If you lose it, they refuse a replacement. I lost mine on my first day of two day pass and gear hire, I had to go home after 3 hours of skiing on the first day. Having not been given this info at the time of purchase, I went to info desk to ask for replacement. The staff's first comment was "would you like to buy another?". Or "You have free to use the slope but have walk up the hill afterwards." Not nice. No skiing on second day either. Family not friendly and safe. Understaffed and I was two kids falling and hitting their heads to lift chair in those 3 hours. They cannot afford to help kids because of understaffing. Without helmets, they would need onsite ED. A cheap place to go but there is a good reason.