Chris D
Cache Creek Casino Resort Cache Creek Casino Resort
Brooks, California
"Chris D"
This place is a joke. First, I don’t play slots so I can’t speak to the aspect. I do however, play high limit table games. I played quite a large amount of money and as you can imagine won nothing. I have no problem losing, if the deck doesn’t seem to be stacked in the House favor. Every hand somehow he dealer always seems to make 21, be it blackjack or build up to it even when they have a 3-2 up cards. Simply amazing. Second complaint is the “free night anytime”. That to me would mean I would be offered a free night anytime I choose, but when I call I got a long line of excuses from 3 people. They have rooms to offer, but we are “overbooked”. When I call back and don’t mention my free room, they are happy to charge me for a room. That’s incredible that they can charge for a room, but screw you out of one they offer to you. I’m not saying I’m the best player or anything, but I’ve done my fair share of gambling across the county and never have I found tables so tight or management who doesn’t honor their vouchers.